agileBase Platform

AgileBase is our flexible cloud-based platform, it provides a massively scalable foundation on which to rapidly build enterprise-class software. There are 26 man-years of development baked in and there's not a lot it can't do.

In fact, it's pretty unique and very powerful.

Powerful software engine

Use agileBase to bring your software to life, fast. With a platform providing all the tools, databases, analytics and interfaces you'll ever need, it's down to you

to make it your own. Simply choose or develop modules to give you extra functionality, and partner with an agileGuide to make it unique.

Robust performance guaranteed

agileBase is built on the most advanced open source database in the world, and we've spent years developing it to be the fastest, most flexible platform possible. It's extremely robust, extraordinarily powerful, and you can use it

as a platform to create virtually any software you like. It's designed to be an open platform, so it's easy to connect and integrate with other applications.

Flexible pre-built platform

We've already built most of the functionality you're ever going to need, and we're adding new features all the time. Databases, interfaces, analytics,

mobile access, social intelligence, collaborative tools, security... all pre-built and available out of the box.

Lightning fast development

Avoid the long phase of requirements definition and jump straight in. Decide on a few key objectives for the software, and explain what you need it to do, as it's being built. We call it Live Prototyping. What's more, because it's so easy

to change and customise, agileBase gives you software that fits your business - not the other way around.

Customisable software, today

Tailored software means it's shaped around the way you do business. No unused fields, no unhelpful reports. Focus on what matters, and never again will your team have to work around software designed for somebody else.

Organise the data you need, the way you want, and capture it all seamlessly in agileBase.

We approach software differently. With an agile platform, customisable interface, and expert partners.