agileFace: real time

Our unique interface means not only does it look great and enjoyable to use, we can develop tailored software to fit you, as you speak.
Real time iteration

We know it can be hard to fully define what you are looking for from your software. You may know what you want but find it hard to describe. The process can be tedious and it's really easy to overlook key requirements. Sometimes IT jargon confuses the issue.

Our rapid Live-Prototyping approach overcomes these problems by letting you see the outcome of each of your requests immediately on the screen, so a framework is quickly built which you can then start using.

Key project stakeholders are identified and typically engaged from the beginning, and with their feedback you'll soon find your software taking shape. Once you've decided on a series of key objectives, we use Live-Prototyping to get you set up in a matter of hours.

Our Live-Prototyping approach is possible because we can draw on a vast library of tools, databases and interfaces and our agileGuides will fast track the whole process.

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We approach software differently. With an agile platform, customisable interface, and expert partners.