Documents where they make sense

Why store data in one place and your docs in another? agileShare allows you to keep all your relevant data and docs together in their logical place, easy to find and use. Attach a quote to its opportunity, a client invoice alongside the client data.


Collaborate on and share documents and content. Why email spreadsheets back and forth when you can collaborate on that spreadsheet in agileShare? Once it's finished, set access permissions and share a link to it so that others can view it.

Comments and Discussions

Provide feedback or engage in a discussion. Collaborating with your design agency on some marketing collateral? Start off with a brainstorming exercise and then provide feedback every step of the way.

Google Docs Integration

Use our Google Docs integration to leverage your investment. Create a structure for Google docs, edit or share them, see a preview of the doc before opening, see who's made changes, see if there are any modifications since you last made a change.

Track file versions

agileShare allows you to upload an unlimited number of versions of any file and access or download any of them at a later date. Plus you can view the metadata, such as creation or modification time.

Assign and manage tasks

Create a workflow for tasks using any type of metadata you like. Remind sales staff to call customers at a specified point, trigger an email when a document has been updated, assign staff to follow up on a customer request.

Mobile ready

Get your content from anywhere: View, share, upload any document from any device. Easypeasy.