Castell Howell
A leading food wholesaler manages
the data at the heart of their business.
Stretched to the limit

Over the last 20 years Castell Howell has become firmly established as one of the country's leading independent food wholesalers. They introduced an ERP system to store information on stock, staff and sales, that supported them well for the first 10 years of success, but was costly and slow to evolve.

By 2004, their once pioneering ERP software was stretched to the limit. While its core functions around stock management were really solid and reliable, Castell Howell needed it to store new types of information and to adapt to new ways of doing business.

Changeable, flexible software

Nigel Williams explains how they leveraged the flexibility of agileBase with their existing ERP product.

"With years of development and considerable cost invested, we decided to keep our ERP system where it performed best.
We integrated an agileBase platform alongside it to take up the demand for new software that the business needed."