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The Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys wanted a 'not-a-membership-database'!

We see "membership bodies and associations as being about much more than membership. We employ people. We buy stuff. We sell stuff. We manage knowledge. We are businesses and we need to manage data across the business. I was looking for a total business solution and the only approach that came close to meeting my needs was AgileBase".

- Lee Davies, CEO


The benefits of agileBase for CIPA are that it’s

  • flexible - the system provides the flexibility necessary to meet CIPA's unique needs. It's able to match exactly the processes they want to use for e.g. membership renewals and event bookings, not have processes forced on them by 'packaged' software
  • fast - new modules can be created very rapidly on demand, as the system expands in scope to deal with new areas of the organisation, like HR
  • friendly - the user interface is so intuitive that it's a joy to work with. New users can be on-boarded with a minimum of fuss

Hopefully this is just the start of the journey. Now that the platform is up and running, CIPA can use it to increase understanding of their members as well as continuing to update their own processes

By the way

CIPA is also at the cutting edge leading the debate on science and technology that has a relation to their members. Whether a patent attorney or not, you may be interested in checking out their events page See for example the recent debate on Artificial Intelligence:

Please get in touch with us at, phone or social media (details below) if you'd like to ask any questions about the project