SRT Marine Technology
A world leader in maritime domain information technologies, products and systems.

SRT in numbers

Simon Tucker
Chief Executive

£10m turnover
AIM-listed company founded in 2001

50 countries
around the globe with operations and customers

1 month
to get agileBase up and running
Unique sales approach

SRT is a customer who embodies our fundamental philosophy that software should adapt and evolve with the customer.

They started out with a brief to design a distinctive CRM system that reflects their way of thinking and over time we’ve tweaked it to improve both the user experience and help streamline SRT's internal processes.

In an industry as interconnected and global as shipping, the company needed to manage the many links between big opportunities (like opening a new port in a country) and multiple customers.

That's not the end of the story though. Once the initial system had bedded in, the board realised that the same technology platform could benefit other areas of the business.


On starting projects like this, most software vendors tend to start from a 'template' that doesn't really match the customer's way of thinking. Furthermore, the vision of what the system will look like and how it will act is rather unclear.

That’s where our ability to rapidly prototype comes in very handy indeed. In no time we were able to create a basic framework which demonstrated both our ability to comprehensively deliver on the requirements, as well as showcase the future potential of the system.

Growth and expansion

The most recent development has been to add agileTicket - to manage the tracking and analysis of product returns/repairs/replacement.

So not only are new sales handled, but customers are well served in every interaction.

As well as managing the ticketing and product return lifecycle, SRT will have much better data on product faults and any developing trends.

SRT continue to grow, for example through the recent acquisition of a high tech company with software for real-time, 3D visualisation of the marine environment.

They know that whatever direction this growth occurs in, their flexible software platform will be able to adapt to new and changing needs.