Xibo Marketing
The premier marketing platform for the
conference and exhibition industry.

Xibo in numbers

Joe Miles
co-founder and director

20 apps
covering every aspect of the business

5 countries
around the globe with operations and customers

1 day
to set up the system and train key staff
Searching for systems

Xibo have a unique offering for producing highly relevant LinkedIn marketing. They needed to find a system capable of running their entire business process, handling all their data and reporting performance to staff and management.

During startup, the company tried out a few standard packages:

  • "Microsoft Dynamics was found way too complex, with steps and assumptions built in that didn't match the way we work"
  • "SalesForce was no use at all out of the box. It would have required lots of expense and customisation work to get it right"

From Access to agileBase in one day

The transition from an interim Access system to agileBase needed only one day of training, during which the complete structure was built and improved and data imported.

After the first day:

"It's amazing how quick this was to setup compared with Access! We're all very impressed, and look forward to developing it further and rolling it out to the team shortly."
- Joe Miles, director

Following that, Xibo internal staff took over the role of development, following their own ideas and creating reports for more users.

After the first week:

"We're completely using the system now and everyone prefers it a lot over Access! I was a bit worried with the internet speeds in Philippines, but they say it works really smoothly for them too."
- Tom Arthur, marketing operations