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Everything you need to drive a sale. View the complete account history - including emails.

Share information internally with your team, make comments, pull in any relevant social activity, attach and share documents and identify key stakeholders.


Collaborate with your team on a project or opportunity. Comment fields can be added to any type of record and the live feed feature allows you to see them all in one place. Subscribing to have email notifications on your favourite areas of the system means you never need miss an update.

Document management

Share documents with your Sales team or collaborate with an external agency on your marketing collateral. Comment on any document, attach it to an opportunity, contact or organisation. You can attach documents to a project and view the full version history.

Email Integration

Use the email application you're already used to, but optimise the process by having a record of every relevant email automatically stored within agileSales, automatically tagged to a contact or opportunity. It will save you a heap of time, and ensure you never miss out.


Manage business from anywhere, any time. Access agileSales securely via any device, and optimised for Mobile, Tablet and Desktop.

Customised contacts

Manage your contacts the way you know best, in the format that you want. With a fully customisable contacts database, capture only the information that's relevant to drive a sale.

Real time dashboard

Get the big picture in a glance. Deep dive into your sales forecasts and pipelines with a click. Identify trends over time, across products, regions, teams or anything else that might affect your business.

Social at heart

Pull real time social intelligence from Twitter, Facebook and Linked In directly into agileSales. Lay out your social dashboard to give you the latest information on your leads, when and where you need it.

Seamless Integration

Automate tasks and create your own workflow. Integrate with other software to ensure you have all your data in one place, so you can make better informed decisions. Import and export your data in the format you want.

Smart quotes

Create and update quotes, manage discounts and promotions, and share information seamlessly across your sales team and with partners.

Powerful Analytics

Create your own analytics with our powerful analytics engine. Identify new opportunities and manage team performance with KPI metrics, all out of the box. More powerful than any spreadsheet you've ever used.