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Concierge Service

We want to make your experience with our software as smooth and efficient as possible.

The concierge service is a completely free service we offer for the first three months after your project delivery.

What is the Agile Concierge Service?

The Concierge Service consists of two main components:

1. Data Processing Support (DPS):

  • Our DPS service offers one-on-one assistance to your operational staff. We help them tackle any challenges they encounter while using our software.

2. Prioritised Development:

  • Once your team becomes familiar with our system, they may have suggestions for improvements. We take these ideas seriously, incorporating them into our development roadmap with a high-priority status whenever feasible.

Why do we offer a ‘Concierge Service’?

For Data Processing Support:

  • We provide this service to ease the transition of our software into your company’s daily operations. Even though we pride ourselves on user-friendly software, we understand that rolling out new technology can be challenging, especially when your staff is already busy.

For Prioritised Development:

  • We acknowledge that no system is a perfect fit right from the start. There are often minor adjustments needed to ensure a seamless adoption of our software. Our Concierge Service’s Prioritized Development aspect means we address your identified issues promptly. While we can’t fulfill all requests, most are straightforward, and we aim to implement them as soon as possible.

What are ‘Concierge Credits’?

Upon project completion, your Concierge Account will be credited with 20 DPS free credits. Standard support calls are included in the base package and are not charged. Each Data Processing Support call consumes one DPS credit.

We can accommodate structured credit allocation upon your request. Typically, specific credits are assigned to key staff members, and we track their usage of DPS credits accordingly.

How is the service delivered?

For Data Processing Support:

  • When you request support, one of our team members will log in remotely to your system and work alongside your staff member. We assist with tasks such as preparing spreadsheets for data import, navigating the Learner Progression & help systems, or showing new developers how to understand existing systems.

For Prioritised Development:

  • Simple requests are usually addressed after a brief conversation. More complex requests follow a series of phases, including discussions about the problem and potential solutions. If a viable solution is found, the request is fast-tracked in our development backlog.

Who can access these services?

For Data Processing Support:

  • This support is primarily aimed at early adopters of the system, typically administrative staff. However, managers and directors who were not part of the Project Team are also welcome to access this support.

For Prioritised Development:

  • Development requests can only be submitted by project team members. Our development team handles these requests and oversees the progress of the work.

When can we access these services?

For Data Processing Support:

  • Authorized staff members can request Data Processing Support whenever they need it, as long as their DPS account has available credits. Each support event typically lasts between twenty to forty minutes.

For Prioritised Development:

  • Development work scheduling is more flexible, but simple requests can often be completed within a single development cycle, usually within a week.

Note: While our Concierge Service is initially offered free for the first three months, there is an option to extend this service beyond this period. Please consult your account manager for more details. We’re here to support you every step of the way.