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Our partner – Dr. Richard Wilson

“Agilebase is a dynamic, reliable system that grows your business quicker and cheaper than any other CRM system I have used”

IT consultant Dr. Richard Wilson says no-code platform Agilebase is superior. Especially for scaling business growth.

Dr Richard Wilson: Agilebase speeds your business up

“Think of a car,” said IT consultant Dr Richard Wilson. “It doesn’t make travel automatic, but it means you can go from A to B fast. I think of software the same way. If you put in a purpose-built process that matches your requirements, you reduce errors. It speeds your business up. “

And that is what Dr Wilson specialises in. For him, it is all about finding the right tool at the right time for his clients. Agilebase is often the ideal tool.

“If you have something unusual in your processes, you need something bespoke. Agilebase is great for that,” he said. “It is flexible and fast. It is a dynamic, reliable system that can help you grow your business. It’s much, much quicker and cheaper than any other way you can do it.

“It’s great in the context of a start up,” he said.

Dr Wilson has recommended Agilebase to a broad swathe of his clients. They include a chocolate manufacturer and a child behavioural therapy organisation.

“About a third of my clients use Agilebase,” he said. “Agilebase makes sure their IT systems support their business processes. Not the other way around.”

Dr Wilson earned his PhD in material engineering at Swansea University. After qualifying, he wrote software for a Rolls Royce accredited material testing laboratory, before becoming Technical Director at Dezrez, a SaaS for Estate Agents. He has been an IT consultant for eight years during which has has work with the Accelerated Growth Programme. It’s a joint enterprise on behalf of the Welsh Government. It provides consultancy and training to Welsh companies with high growth potential.