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Our partner – Empyrean Digital

“Agilebase help us meets our clients’ needs” 

Empyrean Digital’s Kathy Clark values no-code platform Agilebase. Especially for advancing her commitment to equality and collaborative partnership.

Empyrean’s Kathy Clark: more women needed in tech

“Right now, there’s more men in the digital sector than women,” said Kathy Clark. “And they’re in more senior roles. There should be equality. Any tools or any solutions we can present to our clients which level that, is a good thing.”

Kathy Clark is operations director at digital transformation agency Empyrean Digital. They consult and build digital products for the public, private and third sectors.  Kathy sees Agilebase, whose users are 50% female, as a useful tool to address the gender imbalance in tech. Using Agilebase supports Empyrean Digital’s commitment to inclusivity.

“We’ve got a high percentage of females in the team, which we’re proud of,” she said. “We’ve got a 48% female staff team, including females in senior positions. The industry average is 31%.”

Kathy Clark appreciates Agilebase’s spirit of partnership.

 “We bring our specialism and experience to complement who we’re working with. We’re learning from them and then they’re learning from us. Agilebase are a part of that.”

Empyrean Digital first partnered with Agilebase last year (2022). They built a mobile app for client Lewis Pies to manage their stock. Since then, Empyrean Digital has worked on several other Agilebase projects, including two for local government agency the West of England Combined Authority (WECA).

“We will work with Agilebase again,” said Kathy Clark.  At Empyrean we are tech agnostic. That means when we are responding to our clients, we choose the best answer, not the one we are familiar with. Agilebase help us meets our clients’ needs.”

“The magic of Agilebase is that anyone can build something useful”

West of England Combined Authority (WECA) staff created their own software. All thanks to Agilebase, said Empyrean web developer Tom Burton-Lawl.

Tom Burton-Lawl: Agilebase is “magic.”

“I love to build things,” said web developer Tom Burton-Lawl. “The magic of Agilebase is people who don’t want to code can build. That’s why I like working with no-code platform Agilebase.”

Burton-Lawl has been a web developer for Empyrean for two years. He first teamed up with Agilebase over a year ago for a project with WECA. They wanted to build a registration platform to track buses around Bristol.

“WECA built it ,with coaching from me,” said Burton-Lawl. “They shared their screen and I answered any questions they had. I coached them through it, but they were able to build it from scratch”

It took six sessions of coaching to help WECA build the software. A second project helped WECA use the platform to record assets around bus stops. Tom Burton Lawl said he would be happy to continue to work with Agilebase.

“They are a lovely company and I admire what their M.O. is,” he said. “Their no code platform is useful. They are allowing non-technical people to build useful applications.”

Supporting people who want to build software is nothing new to Burton-Lawl. Before becoming a developer, he worked for 10 years with adults with autism. During that time, he encouraged his clients to try online computing courses.  It was while attending one of these courses with them that he got into coding. 

Burton-Lawl believes no-code tools like Agilebase will make the web more accessible.  “There’s something there with the no-code, drag and drop approach,” he said. 

He thinks many of his former clients would enjoy using the platform.  “They would love it,” he said.