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Potential partners say Agilebase is perfect fit forSMEs

Potential partners praise Agilebase’s power and perfect fit for small and medium-sized enterprises. Agilebase brings bespoke software development within grasp.

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Agilebase have listened to us. They never rush us into doing things,” said Andy Garner, from Bristol’s Elastic Mint.

“We met a company. And I’m not going to name them because I don’t want to
rubbish them. We met them at an AI event. They were talking about a system
that did something similar to Agilebase. But it was hard for us to engage with
them. They weren’t responsive to our questions. They wanted money from us
immediately before trying their system.

“Agilebase didn’t do that. They were out there answering questions. They were
looking for a long-term relationship and not looking to get my money.
Agilebase recognised that if we started to use their back office system, then
they would have a good business. Agilebase engaged with us and listened to
us. They have not rushed us into doing things.”

This glowing testimonial comes from Andy Garner, co-founder of Elastic Mint,
a software development consultancy based in central Bristol. Garner’s
company, founded over six years ago, helps businesses around the UK open
their data so they become more effective and efficient.

Head shot of Andy Garner, CEO of Elastic Mint, a software consultancy in Bristol
Andy Garner, CEO of Elastic mint, a software consultancy in Bristol.

Garner first encountered Agilebase at an AI meet-up in Bristol. Elastic Mint has since undergone a day of training with Agilebase.  Garner found it “really helpful.” During the training he saw significant potential for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to use Agilebase. 

“As a tool, Agilebase is powerful,” he said. Garner said Agilebase can help businesses transition from spreadsheets to database-driven applications. 

“If firms are data-use driven, I can see Agilebase as a way to build applications. Agilebase is amazing for SMEs for whom bespoke software isn’t an option. But it becomes an option with a tool like this,” he said. 

Simon Sleight, Director at Bristol based data consultancy Dixi Data, agreed. Agilebase’s sophisticated underlying architecture made it a cut above other no code platforms, he said. 

“It’s more sophisticated than we were expecting,” he said.  “Although that’s transparent to the user.” 

Sleight said he appreciated the platform’s robust data management. He liked its  “strong object model, strong history of change” and “data lineage.”

Balancing power with ease of use

Both potential partners for Agilebase could see  the platform differs from traditional approaches.

“Agilebase brings the database right up to the customer,” said Garner. “I felt it was best if the user had an understanding of data and how it is structured.” 

Simon Sleight saw this as a strength. Users need to know how the data relates to their organisation and processes and teams. Agilebase makes that visible in the interface.”

“As a tool, Agilebase is powerful”

Partnership approach

Both Garner and Sleight commended Agilebase’s partnership-oriented approach. Garner appreciated the company’s responsiveness and commitment to long-term relationships.

“If we start using their system with our clients, then they are going to have a good business for a few years,” said Garner. “They understand that and behave accordingly.”

Sleight valued the support offered during initial implementations of Agilebase with his clients. “They’re there to support implementations at the start. They stick with you for the first four projects while you learn the ropes. It feels like they are with you every step, as you learn what the software can do.”

Head shot of Simon Sleight, Director of Dixi Data, Bristol
Simon Sleight, Director of Dixi Data, Bristol

An Area for improvement

Both potential partners expressed enthusiasm for Agilebase. But they identified one area for potential improvement. “There’s bumpiness to the interface here and there,” said Sleight. But he said this issue is “not material to how it functions.”

Both Garner and Sleight see significant potential in the platform for SMEs undergoing digital transformation.

For these firms, the no code Agilebase platform “brings bespoke into reach.”