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Pay as you go

It’s fair, says Agilebase user Neil George.

Neil George, company platform developer at Lewis Pie & Pasty Co.

“Other software packages have high upfront costs and try to lock you in, sometimes for years. Agilebase doesn’t do that. You pay for what you use. As you grow, so does Agilebase,” says Neil George, company platform developer at Lewis Pie & Pasty Co.

Agilebase can support your business today and tomorrow. Its robust database and a vast library of features mean the software will grow as you grow. 

Our pricing structure maps to the same logic. You pay for what you need, when you need it. The average cost is £85 per user per month.

“I’m happy to put my name on this,” says Neil. “It’s a fair deal.”


average cost per person (core user) per month

(+ £2/month per community user)

Plan nameAgilityBusiness EfficiencyConnectivityDistributionEnterprise
PurposeA quick start to your bespoke CRMAutomate tasks and communicationsConnect to other softwareEnable multi- tenanting to host multiple user groupsConnect an unlimited amount of people and data
Typical System Sizes
Typical max. users10201001000unlimited
Typical max. tables20100100010000unlimited
Typical max. rows100,0001m20m100munlimited
A1Learner Progression roles
Guided learning for citizen developers
A2Exporting to spreadsheet
A3GDPR controls
A4Cards interface (Kanban)
A5Importing from spreadsheet
Automate document and info gathering
B2Email notifications
Automate outgoing emails
Automate processes
B4Community Users (25 included)
C1BI reporting (10 views included)
C2Send emails from own domain
3.3API use (1MB included)
C4Multi-year audit trail (2 years included)
C5Own database
C6Test servers (1 included)
Let multiple customers or groups use your app
D2Dedicated server
Monitor and manage your high-traffic system
E1Option for ‘big data’ distributed database

Interested? Email to find out more.

Transparent pricing

Our pricing is completely transparent and easy to understand. The system costs depends on a handful of factors like

  • The plan (see above)
  • The number of people using it
  • The amount of data stored in the database
  • The size of the system, i.e. how much of your organisation you run on Agilebase

Scalability is built in – the larger a system becomes, the lower the incremental costs involved. For example adding an extra user reduces down to £15/month at higher volumes.

To get a quote for your usage, please contact us. We can share a calculator so you can plan for not just current needs, but any future growth or usage scenarios.