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“It’s taken off 16 hours of work a week. It’s brilliant”

“It’s a godsend,” said Emma Taylor, managing director of NetLets Properties Limited. “Our operations manager used to do everything by hand. It’s been beneficial. It’s taken off 16 hours of work a week. Those 16 hours have been spent on problem-solving activities to set us aside from competitors. Brilliant!”

Emma Taylor working with other Agilebase users, at a workshop in June 2022

Emma installed Agilebase in May 2021 to help run NetLets Properties’ back office. She said she had never looked back.

“I’m used to working in Excel and building dashboards that way. We looked at operational software that could assist our business because there was nothing off the shelf that worked for us,”

“We decided to try No Code. We started off working out how to do our scheduling. We put in a holiday booking, which went into our forecast worksheets, then we could assign the staff. The staff then got emails with the orders. We built all that with Agilebase.”

“If a manager needed to pull data off once a month for KPIs, we were able to develop a view for them. It was easy to do,” said Emma.

Agilebase recorded operations, captured data, and put in place processes the firm could never manage before. Emma, found it overcame a lack of staffing at her Milford Haven holiday letting business.

“it’s reducing our risk”

“With all the alerts and the alarms we’ve set, it’s reducing our risk. For example, we get an alert if the cleaning activity doesn’t match the end date. It’s safeguarded the business, she said.

“There’s no parameters or any restrictions put into place. If we grow, it will grow with the business. That’s huge because it means we don’t have to look for other software in 10 years.”

Emma has found that Agilebase supports her every step of the way.

“If I have a question, I can speak to somebody on the phone. I’m not talking to a robot, and I’m not talking to a chat window. Agilebase is reactive when we email, helping us figure out the best way to do what we need to do.”

“The billing was well laid out. You only pay for what you use. If I grow the business and want Agilebase to do more, then it costs more. But as the business grows, we are likely earning more anyway.”

“If I were going to score Agilebase out ten, I’d give it a nine,” she said.

This interview was conducted in May 2022.